Fifth National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) Training | 5-9 August 2019 | Chonburi, Thailand


The Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS) has developed the criteria for disaster relief operation in the TRCS’s strategy plan. Three criteria were made for the third strategy by focusing on the quick turnaround and survival needs of the affected people. The three criteria are as follow: 1) Affected people should get the TRCS relief kit within 6 hours; 2) TRCS mobile emergency centres will provide services within 4 hours; and 3) affected people should receive TRCS food and water within 4 hours.

From the past until now, Relief and Community Health Bureau (RCHB) has identified the capacity building needs for staff and volunteers. RCHB carried out the Rapid Action Team training workshop and National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) training workshops for its staff, volunteers and staff from implementing partners such as Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) and volunteers from the Provincial Red Cross Chapters in order to help them perform effectively in the field.

This activity was made possible by the funding from the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).

Objective of NDRT training
To build capacity of emergency managers and strengthen the emergency management capacity at provincial level to ensure first-hand response for the people affected by any kind of disaster.

Target Group
Nurses and TRCS staffs from RCHB, Sawangwattana Memorial Hospital, Provincial Red Cross Chapters, Lao Red Cross, 32 people who work in disaster relief or disaster management field.

Expected Outcome

  1. Participants will gain knowledge and will be capacity building in disaster risk management.
  2. Participants will be prepared for the next step that they will be ready to join the regional disaster response team training workshop.
  3. Establish the network for the assessment team with the Relief and Community Health Bureau


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Presentations (in Thai)

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:


Click here to view photos from the training and here for the training report.


3rd National Disaster Response Team Training | 12-16 March 2018 | Ayutthaya, Thailand

Under the USAID project, Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS), with technical support from IFRC, conducts the third (last) National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) training during 12 to 16 March 2018, with a focus on Water and Sanitation(WATSAN) and Public Health in Emergency(PHiE).

The objective of this training is to build the capacity of TRCS headquarter and provincial staffs (Health station) in assessment, planning, implementation, and coordination of WATSAN and PHiE interventions. The participants include the TRCS staff who already trained as NDRT in the last two introduction courses.

The expected outcome are i) TRC staffs have knowledge and skills on WATSAN and PHiE, ii) TRCS staff are able to develop emergency assessment (need assessment and assessment plan) and emergency plan of action , iii) to encourage the collaboration of TRCS at Headquarter and provincial Red Cross chapter/health station and DDPM, and iv) to increase the manpower of TRCS for WATSAN and PHiE specialist.

Total  of 34 participants (F 25, M9) attended this training.

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Photos by Thai Red Cross Relief and Community Health Bureau


Photos by IFRC Bangkok


National Disaster Response Team Module


These documents are designed to equip volunteers with the necessary skills to respond to the National Civil Emergency Response Framework as well as to equip volunteers with skills required to tackle the issues and many challenges faced with Disaster Management. It also helps train and develop volunteers with the capabilities to respond and provide assistance when there is a national disaster response as well as the formation of teams of volunteers who can help and understand the issues and challenges faced during such times.


These documents provide relevant information for participants of the Training Programmes of National Disaster Response Team (NDRT):

  • NDRT Training Programme is a two-day and one-night residential training programme. It requires for active participation with hands-on learning tools incorporated into the training programme in order for the optimization of learning.
  • National Disaster Response Team Training Programme 2009: this is targeted towards experienced and committed volunteers who will then become trainers for subsequent NDRT courses

Usage: Training

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

See also:

  • For “NDRT Programme Administrative Instructions (18 & 19 April 2009)”, click here Instructions, size 0.11 MB
  • For “NDRT Module Overview 2010”, click here Overview, size 0.12 MB
  • For “Feedback form”, click here Feedback form, size 0.1 MB

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