The regional perspective

Health and care activities in the IFRC include first aid and emergency response as well as epidemic control, programmes in health promotion and prevention, addressing stigma, providing psychosocial care and enabling community empowerment.

Guiding Documents

Health related online courses available on IFRC Learning Platform (log in and password are required) are:

  • Community-Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA)

  • Public Health

    • Module 1: Introduction (30 min)
    • Module 2: Epidemiology (30 min)
    • Module 3: Prioritizing Health Responses (30 min)
    • Module 4: Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (30 min)
    • Module 5: Rapid Health Assessment (30 min)
  • Public Health: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

    1 hour

  • Public Health: Nuclear Emergency Preparedness

    1 hour

  • Public Health in Emergencies

  • Influenza Pandemic Preparedness

    45 min

  • H2P - Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness Programme

    40 min

  • Healthy Lifestyle Community

    2 hours

  • Health Care in Danger

    1 hour – ICRC

  • Lifesaver: Interactive CPR

    2 hours – British Red Cross

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