These documents are designed to equip volunteers with the necessary skills to respond to the National Civil Emergency Response Framework as well as to equip volunteers with skills required to tackle the issues and many challenges faced with Disaster Management. It also helps train and develop volunteers with the capabilities to respond and provide assistance when there is a national disaster response as well as the formation of teams of volunteers who can help and understand the issues and challenges faced during such times.


These documents provide relevant information for participants of the Training Programmes of National Disaster Response Team (NDRT):

  • NDRT Training Programme is a two-day and one-night residential training programme. It requires for active participation with hands-on learning tools incorporated into the training programme in order for the optimization of learning.
  • National Disaster Response Team Training Programme 2009: this is targeted towards experienced and committed volunteers who will then become trainers for subsequent NDRT courses

Usage: Training

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers

See also:

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