As a member of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements, Vietnam Red Cross Society focuses on key services including: emergency assistance and humanitarian relief; healthcare; first aid; blood, tissue and organ donation; reuniting families separated by war and disasters; dissemination of humanitarian values; and disaster preparedness and response.

Society’s areas of focus continue to evolve to reflect changing needs and its increasing auxiliary role to the government of Vietnam.

The Law on Red Cross activities has contributed to strengthening the position Society and provides guarantees for government support.

Vietnam Red Cross Society

Address: 82 – Nguyễn Du – Hà Nội

Branch Offices: National Headquarters in Hanoi; 63 provincial chapters; 689 district branches; 17,127 commune branches including sub-branches/units in wards and towns

Date Established: 23 November 1946. The National Society signed the Geneva Convention and became a member of IFRC in November 1957

Funding: Membership fees; Income generation activities; Voluntary contribution by Red Cross Red Crescent members, cash and kinds contributions by foreign and domestic organisations and individuals; Humanitarian and development aid; State budget according to regulations and laws; Programs/projects funded by donors through the government

Key Persons: President: NGUYEN Thi Xuan Thu, Vice President and Secretary General: Mr. DOAN Van Thai, Vice President: Mrs. TRAN Thi Hong An

IFRC Country Delegation? Yes

Legal Status: The National Assembly of Vietnam approved the Law on Red Cross activities in 2008. In 2011, the government issued a Decree detailing measures for implementation.

Major Partners: American, Australian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swiss Red Cross Societies, IFRC and ICRC

Volunteers: 4,514,089 members, 3,473,946 youth members and 358,959 active volunteers, as of March 2017

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