Connecting people and resources for safer and more resilient communities

The resilience library ( is a knowledge management platform (“Platform”) that supports the Southeast Asian National Societies in promoting integrated approach, in all their activities, in order to strengthen community safety and resilience through regional learning, sharing and collaboration.

Southeast Asian National Societies consist of Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society, Cambodian Red Cross Society, Indonesian Red Cross Society or Palang Merah Indonesia, Lao Red Cross, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Myanmar Red Cross Society, Philippine Red Cross Society, Singapore Red Cross Society, Thai Red Cross Society, Timor-Leste Red Cross Society, and Viet Nam Red Cross Society.

Taking an integrated approach means close collaboration among different sectors in the National Societies (disaster management, health and organizational development), together with the cross-cutting components of gender and diversity, youth and volunteering, disaster law, humanitarian diplomacy, migration, climate change adaptation, etc., to support community resilience.

The Platform is moderated by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Bangkok Country Cluster Support Team (CCST). Its development and moderation in 2015-2017 is part of the Regional Resilience Initiative (RRI) funded by the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada.

The Platform aims to connect South-East Asian National Societies practitioners and resources in order to:

  • Encourage and facilitate peer-to-peer learning of the National Societies within South-East Asia region
  • Retain institutional memory of the National Societies and IFRC in South-East Asia
  • Showcase the collective expertise of South-East Asian National Societies in order to optimize collaboration among the National Societies, national and regional authorities as well as technical partners.

The following are functions worth exploring in this Platform:

  • To enable extensive participation from Southeast Asia National Societies
  • To ensure ease of use, with a summary for each key resource (consisting of purpose, overview, intended audience and how to use the resource)
  • To allow ease of resource sharing from one National Society to another (using instant translation by google translate)
  • To guide users by using crowdsourced inputs (using rating/ranking of resources)
  • To facilitate (community resilience) practitioners’ discussions and sharing of knowledge

The online knowledge management platform started out in 2012 at and we moved to a new platform in 2016 to ensure that the Platform could be more participatory for the Southeast Asia National Societies.

The Resilience Library is an online participatory knowledge management. We thrive on user (especially National Societies) generated content.

In order to improve the site to serve you better, we need your comments and suggestions.

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Case Study_Resilience Library

This four-page case study describes IFRC’s works on this resilience library, a visionary and wide-ranging resource hub which aims to encourage mutual learning and collaboration between National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Southeast Asia. It describes about the features and how the resilience library contributes as the knowledge sharing platform in this region.