Khammouane Province, Laos, 2015 Lao Red Cross staff interview father and farmer Hong, 47, about his experience with floods during a Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction simulation. The exercises and drills focus on disaster preparedness and response at village level, ensuring communities are equipped with skills to activate emergency plans and save lives. Through the simulation project Lao Red Cross and partner French Red Cross, with support from the European Union, are improving safety for vulnerable communities.

Community Engagement and Accountability

Community engagement, formerly known within the Red Cross Red Crescent as ‘beneficiary communication’, is about giving people a voice and empowering them to participate in their own recovery while also using the feedback from communities to improve humanitarian programming. Community engagement is a mix of both new and old technologies, from face-to-face communications and town hall meetings, to crowd mapping and SMS messaging. For more information, visit 

Guiding Documents

A Red Cross Red Crescent Guide to Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA)

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