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Strategy 2020 calls for a special focus on young people not only for today but also for the future as well as recognizing their particular role in building and sustaining communities that are based on respect and solidarity. In line with Strategy 2020, through the IFRC Youth Policy (2011) and Youth Engagement Strategy (2013), national societies (NS) increasingly recognize the benefits of investing in education, empowerment, and creation of enabling environments for young people to change themselves and their societies.

In Southeast Asia, youth empowerment is a cornerstone of building safe and resilient communities. National Societies are actively developing their youth structures to ensure youth engagement in decision-making processes at all levels of management, governance and service-delivery. This process not only enables meaningful participation of youth but also facilitates their broker role between communities, National Societies and regions. 

Updates in the region

Guiding documents

Youth and Volunteering online courses available on IFRC Learning Platform are:

  • Volunteering Red Cross and Red Crescent Induction Course

    1 hour

  • Volunteering - Basic Course

    1 hour

  • Stay Safe - Volunteer Security

    2.5 hours

  • Volunteering - Branch Leadership Development

    1.5 hours

e-mail: Regional Youth and Volunteering Officer, Ms. Kum Ju Ho, at

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