20th South-East Asia RCRC Leaders Meeting l 21 – 22 September 2023 l Phnom Penh, Cambodia




This is an annual meeting that brings together Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) leaders from South-East Asia (SEA), IFRC and ICRC to discuss and decide on issues of interest to the Movement in SEA. National Societies (NS) members are Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society, Cambodian Red Cross Society, Indonesian Red Cross Society, Lao Red Cross, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Myanmar Red Cross Society, Philippine Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross Society, Thai Red Cross Society, Timor-Leste Red Cross Society and Viet Nam Red Cross Society. This is a NS platform while the IFRC’s role (Asia Pacific Region & Bangkok Country Cluster Delegation) is as secretariat, and ICRC (Operations Department Asia & the Pacific and Regional Delegation Bangkok) is invited as a movement partner. This annual platform was initiated by Mr. Phan Wannamethee, Former Secretary General of Thai Red Cross Society, and the 1st South-East Asia Red Cross Red Crescent Leaders Meeting was hosted by Thai Red Cross Society in Bangkok in 2003.


The 19th Southeast Asia Red Cross Red crescent Leaders meeting was hosted by Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society in October 2022, which resulted in the Bandar Seri Begawan Statement. During this meeting the leaders decided from 2023 to meet twice in one year as a minimum, once in person and once virtually.




  • To discuss policies and issues of the Red Cross and Red Crescent work among the National Societies, the IFRC secretariat and the ICRC and agree on appropriate action and follow up
  • To take stock of the progress of the strategic directions of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and to develop and implement key actions through sub-regional cooperation and networking among the National Societies, the IFRC secretariat, the ICRC, and also ASEAN Secretariat / AHA Center
  • To ensure that the sub-regional National Society networks and forums are accountable towards the RCRC SEA leaders meeting
  • To get closer to each other and to take advantage of the strength of working together
  • To increase the performance and effectiveness of our work
  • To go beyond the networking for better coordination and cooperation
  • To prepare for international meetings and elections of the Movement
  • To update on Movement, regional and global commitments
  • To contribute into and follow-up on IFRC board decisions, through the Board representative/s from Southeast Asia


Expected Results

  • Region better heard – region representing, speaking with unified voice resulting in better influence and impact.
  • Effective regional networks – regional national societies take the ownership of the regional networks increasing their effectiveness.
  • More responsive Asia Pacific Region and Country Cluster Delegation – regional delegations can count on the advice, guidance from the president and secretary general of NS members
  • Increased mutual learning – national societies benefit from mutual knowledge sharing.


The following are the participants for the SEA RCRC leaders meeting:

  • NS president and secretary general
  • IFRC Asia Pacific Region & Bangkok Country Cluster Delegation
  • ICRC Asia Pacific Department
  • Observers(no limit in the event of a virtual meeting)
  • NS youth representatives or SEA Youth Network focal points


Statements from IFRC President and ICRC President


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20 SEP 2023: Tree Planting Program


21 SEP 2023: DAY 1

Session 1: Progress Update of BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN STATEMENT – 19TH SEA RCRC Leaders Meeting 2022.

Session 2: Follow up on Climate and Environment Charter: Action Plan and target setting by 2030

Session 3: Collaboration and Cooperation as a Movement in SEA

Session 4: SEA Engagement in IFRC Governance

22 SEP 2023: DAY 2

Session 5: IFRC & ASEAN Memorandum of Understanding Regional Dialogue with ASEAN SG, HE Kao Kim Huon


A Special Session for Head of Delegation: Royal Audience with Her Majesty Queen Mother of the Khmer Nation, Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, Honorary President of the CRC


Session 6: Progress Update on SEA Migration and Displacement Project in Myanmar

Session 7: Progress Update on the Resource Centre for Total First Aid and the SEA FA Network

Session 8: Update of SEA Networks

Session 9: Final report on Manila Call for Action, Preparation for the Asia Pacific Conference / Asia Pacific Conference, Hanoi Call for Action and position of SEA 

Session 10: Draft Statement of Phnom Penh & Adoption of 20th SEA RCRC Leaders Meeting