This document provides case studies of initiatives that have been taken in Asia to promote equal treatment of all in society before, during and after disasters.


The document provides an overview of the following case studies: a disaster risk reduction (DRR) gender checklist prepared to ensure the implementation of gender inclusive and responsive DRR in the Philippines; women-friendly spaces set up in Pakistan in the aftermath of floods that hit Pakistan in 2010. These centres provide safe spaces for women affected by gender-based violence, providing psychosocial support as well as opportunities to participate in local support groups and receive information about gender-based violence; and promoting gender equality in disaster response in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015.

Page 6 contains a gender emergency checklist for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Usage: Learning from experience

Audiences: Gender and diversity practitioners, Technical staff, Volunteers

Reference: OCHA (2015). Integrating Gender into Humanitarian Action: Good Practices from Asia 1 (pp. 1-8). Available from: http://www.adpc.net/igo/category/ID991/doc/2015-vAQd72-ADPC-Integrating_Gender_into_Humanitarian_Action_1.pdf [Accessed: 21 December 2015].


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