The Powerpoint presentation aims to describe about the use, the significance, advantages and disadvantages of using social media in behavior change communication (BCC) as well as in disaster.



Advantages of using social media includes:

  • Low overhead cost leverages largescale distribution channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Shareable — engages volunteers, and uses word-of-mouth and reputation to snowball
  • Has the power to drive traffic to other resources, such as campaign sites, webpages, blogs and articles
  • Enables regular communication, which builds relationships
  • Enables short messages to be pushed regularly, in bite-sized chunks

Disadvantages of using social media includes:

  • Content must be updated regularly
  • Needs feedback system to interact with audience
  • Needs to keep pace with technology
  • Requires commitment of time and creativity

Usage: Guidance to implementation

Audience: National Society staff

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