The Manual on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction is a consolidation and harmonization of existing CBDRR methodologies, procedures, and practices of Myanmar Red Cross Society.

The MRCS has been implementing CBDRR activities in villages and townships since 2003, and building on this experience, this CBDRR Framework is developed to provide an integrated approach to implement Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction activities in Myanmar. An integrated approach will provide MRCS with a more compact and uniform tactic towards CBDRR that would promote the use of the same tools and methodologies throughout all DRR
programs and would simplify the implementation for MRCS Headquarters [HQ] staff, as well as for the staff in the field and the RCVs who are associated with the programs.


  • Part A is an introductory part which will give you background information about CBDRR in Myanmar. It has a small section about the importance of CBDRR in Myanmar, the stakeholders of CBDRR in Myanmar, as well as an overview about the challenges that are faced when implementing CBDRR in Myanmar.
  • Part B contains the instructions on how to conduct the 9-step process agreed upon and described in detail in the step-by-step methodology document. These nine (9) steps are considered the minimum required activities to be followed by all MRCS community based initiatives regardless of their budget or time frame. The nine (9) steps involved are:
    Step 1: Program Socialization
    Step 2: Program Site Selection
    Step 3: Baseline Study
    Step 4: Community Mobilization
    Step 5: Multi-Sector Assessment
    Step 6: Action Plan Development
    Step 7: Implementation of Action Plan
    Step 8: End-line Study
    Step 9: Handover and Exit Strategy;
  • Part C includes all the implementation steps of CBDRR programs namely step 6 (Action Plan Development), and step 7 (Implementation of Action Plan).
  • Part D includes all the steps that finalize a CBDRR program namely step 4 and step 8 (Baseline
    and Endline Study) as well as step 9 (Handover & Exit Strategy).


Usage: Implementation guide

Audience: National society’s technical staff and volunteers

This document is also available in Burmese/Myanmar Language.

Myanmar Red Cross Society Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction series consists also of:


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