The Training Toolkit for Community Early Warning Systems is an operational manual that aims to strengthen early warning systems in a developing country context. It is targeted to National Societies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are embarking on a journey either to strengthen existing CEWS efforts in a country or to create, from scratch, a community-driven EWS. Trainers are DRR/M programme, project and partner staff members who would be responsible to guide, support or evaluate EWS efforts in at-risk communities.

The toolkit is designed as a companion manual to the Community Early Warning Systems: Guiding Principles that was developed by IFRC. It therefore features the 13 principles found in it with practical examples and case studies, which will offer direction on how to apply them.

The toolkit contains the training materials needed to run the Training of Trainers (ToT)/Workshops, from start to finish, this can be found in Section 5.


The Toolkit is made up of: 1. this Field Guide; and 2. the online (or USB flash drive) directory of all the material required to conduct the three week-long training sessions. The Training Toolkit features these 13 principles with practical examples and case studies, which will offer direction on how to apply them.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Training

Audiences: Technical staff

For Guidelines in other languages, click here French, size 1 MB; Russian, size 5 MB; Arabic, size 15 MB; Spanish, size 10 MB

For General Preparation Tools, click here Curricula Database, Scientists and Data, Training Needs Assessment, Evaluation of Trainers, Workshop Evaluation, Report Template, Planning Checklist, Printing Checklist, Certificate Template, Data Inventory

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