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The radio training was held in Thalad, Lao PDR on 20-23 March 2017 by Lao Red Cross’ Communications and Fundraising Department (CFD) with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

This training was a follow-up from IFRC’s review and recommendations to strengthen the radio programme in August 2016. The CFD had identified the need to build the capacity in radio programming at the headquarters level through a radio training for CFD and technical department staff and radio volunteers and to enhance the collaboration between the CFD and technical departments to allow more effective sharing of information.

The training helped other departments understand the need to raise community voices through the radio programme and how they could contribute contents to the CFD. Following the training, the CFD consolidated activity updates from the technical departments to develop a radio programme plan.


Objectives of the training:

  • To enhance the capacity of Red Cross communication department in developing more interactive contents for the radio programme.
  • To enhance the collaboration between communication and technical staff at the headquarters level to diversify the contents of the radio programme.
  • To produce 10-12 radio spots by April 2017.


Following the training:

  • The CFD will able to develop a three-month content plan for the radio programme in collaboration with the technical departments.
  • The technical departments understand what information they need to provide to the radio programme staff to develop the content for the radio programme.
  • The CFD, with Lao National Radio support, will be able to produce 10-12 radio spots by the end of April 2017 on the key activity areas of LRC including blood donation, disaster management, healthcare, gender and diversity and youth and volunteer.


Supporting documents of the training:

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