“What a mother truly wants?” is an advocacy video describing the right and ability of women living with HIV to have HIV-uninfected babies. This video looks at the likelihood of a mother passing on HIV to her unborn child.


The video shows how disturbed parents can get over the possibility of passing on HIV to their children. It shows however that with proper medication and medical care it is possible for people living with HIV to have children without the virus.

Usage: Training

Audiences: Technical staff; Volunteers

Limitation: Thai language with English subtitles

The video is in THAI, with:
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Reference: Audio visual: Thai Red Cross Society; Therapeutics, Research, Education and AIDS Training in Asia (TREAT Asia) (October 2015). What a Mother Truly Wants. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hERYid-316s [Accessed: 5 January 2016].

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Country: Regional, Thailand
Tagged in: HIV/AIDS, Health
Resource type: Awareness materials, Video

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