“What does every human being want?” is an advocacy video describing the experience of children growing up with HIV. This video asks the question: What does every human being want? It shows that people living with HIV want acceptance and understanding just like any other human being.


The video shows that people living with HIV can work and be successful; lead happy lives and have their own families.  It shows the need to treat people living with HIV with the same love, care and affection one would show to other people because, in the end, it may not be the virus itself but the actions of people around them that will make them weak.

Usage: Learning from experience, Training

Audiences: Technical staff; Volunteers

Limitation: Thai language with English subtitles

Reference: Audio visual: Thai Red Cross Society; Therapeutics, Research, Education and AIDS Training in Asia (TREAT Asia) (October 2015). What does every human being want? Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC65IO9wMjM  [Accessed: 5 January 2016].

The video is in THAI, with:

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Country: Regional, Thailand
Resource type: Awareness materials, Video

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