Youth Facilitator’s Guide “Youth in School Safety” (YSS) Pilot version aims to empower the youth at schools to strengthen the bonds between school children and Red Cross youths, teachers and parents in their specific roles in school safety.

This is done by equipping the Red Cross youths with basic knowledge and skills for School Based Risk Reduction (SBRR) or school safety.

The training methodology employs a participant-centred, experiential learning approach which relies on a non-cognitive methodology (feelings, experience, or the physical body, rather than intellectual analysis) adopted from Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) toolkits.

The guide supports youth to gain the SBRR knowledge by addressing/identifying specific gaps/issues and their root causes in their existing knowledge and practice, giving all possible solutions to such issues by their own, through scenario based games, role-plays, simulation and visualization exercises, through a creative platform: theatre, dance, music, arts and sports activities.

In a second phase, children and youths share experiences with their peers, reflect together and make a ‘from heart to mind’ learning journey to become ethical leaders for School Safety.

This methodology is combined with a delivery of knowledge on Comprehensive School Safety framework (CSS) .

This guide is complementary to the School Safety Handbook (2015) published by the IFRC Bangkok Country Cluster Support Team (IFRC Bangkok CCST) and piloted in Myanmar Red Cross Society in July 2015 and Malaysian Red Crescent in September, 2016.

Usage: Guidance to implementation

Audience: Any youth practitioners or volunteers of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies who wants to start the School Based Disaster Risk Reduction Programme at their communities or schools or National Societies. This guide will be upgraded further after some test trainings in Southeast Asia National Societies.

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