Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change (YABC) is IFRC’s initiative to encourage youth as agent to promote the culture of non-violence and peace by empowering youth to be the leaders of their communities. For more information, see this link.
The YABC toolkit (link to FedNet, and requires log in and password) has been coordinated by the Principles and Values Department and developed by Red Cross and Red Crescent youth. It is partly based on or inspired from existing Red Cross and Red Crescent materials, and is mainly composed of the following 4 parts:
  • Part 1: Thematic module (26 activities, 6 concept papers) covering: non-discrimination and respect for diversity; intercultural dialogue; social inclusion; gender; violence prevention, mitigation and response, international humanitarian law.
  • Part 2: Skills module (30 activities, 7 concept papers, 1 inner peace manual and videos) covering intra and interpersonal skills including: active listening; empathy; critical thinking, dropping bias and non-judgement; non-violent communication; collaborative negotiation and mediation; personal resilience; inner peace.
  • Part 3: Peer educator manual (developed in close collaboration with the North African regional office)
  • Part 4: Guidelines for peer educators working in community engagement (developed in close collaboration with the North African regional office)
  • Part 5: Psychosocial support guidelines for toolkit users (developed in close collaboration with the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support)


Usage: Training

Audience: Red Cross and Red Crescent youth

See alsoYABC toolkit introduction brochure [30 pages, 27 MB]


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