This assessment tool aims to: facilitate reflection; identify programme strengths and opportunities for improvement; and identify priorities for capacity-building in programmes designed to address violence against women.

The tool includes assessment items related to three “core” programmatic strategies (community mobilization; health and social support services; and legal aid) and four “cross-cutting” strategies (advocacy; media and communications; capacity-building; and partnerships) for addressing violence against women.


  • The steps involved in the self-assessment process are: identifying the facilitator; advance planning details; meeting space; time; materials; and who should attend.
  • The self-assessment tool also tabulates scores according to six key principles: respecting and promoting the autonomy of women; addressing root causes of violence; being inclusive; do no harm; learning from your programme; and learning from the field.

Usage: Monitoring and evaluation

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: International Center For Research on Women (2014).Violence Against Women Self-Assessment Tool. International Center For Research Women. Pp. 1-36. Available from: http://vaw.icrw.org/VAW_tool_2014.pdf [Accessed: 18th July 2016].


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