This toolkit is a practical guide for mainstreaming gender in the work of community organisations.


  •  Five organisational dimensions, which are critical in effectively mainstreaming gender into community organisations are: leadership, culture, capacity, accountability and programmes.
  • A sample gender mainstreaming report card can be found on pp. 6- 15. The process of filling out a gender report card is known as a gender audit. This enables an organisation rate its performance in gender mainstreaming against a number of objectives relating to the five organisational dimensions. For each of these, the report card lists objectives and indicators that need to be achieved in order for an organisation to effectively mainstream gender into its work. Each indicator has points allocated to it, with one being the least important and four being the most important when it comes to effectively mainstreaming gender.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Gender and diversity practitioners; Technical staff

Reference: Barclay, A. & Dicker, K. (2014). A Practical Guide for Gender Mainstreaming in Community Organisations. Think Out Loud Australia (pp. 1-16). Available from: http://thinkoutloud.org/portfolio-item/gender-mainstreaming-toolkit/ [Accessed:20 December 2015].

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