This capacity-building tool is designed to enable National Societies become better placed to mainstream gender into policy and programming responses. The tool contains an assessment checklist and accompanying action plans.


  • The assessment checklist is a quick and effective way to determine the extent to which a National Society embraces and integrates gender into its core operations and programmes. It covers four areas: technical capacity; organisational culture; accountability; and political will.
  • There are four action plans to complete (one for each aspect of gender capacity and readiness). The action plans help to improve the capacity and readiness of a National Society to mainstream gender. The suggested steps that can be taken will depend on scores from the assessment checklist. Therefore, not all actions will be relevant to a National Society.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Monitoring and evaluation

Audiences: National Society leadership; Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Australian Red Cross (27 September 2010). Organisational Gender Assessment. Australian Red Cross. Pp. 1-15. Available from: http://www.redcross.org.au/files/Organisational_Gender_Assessment.pdf [Accessed: 18th July 2016].

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