This toolbox provides a detailed explanation on how to undertake the research part of a VCA. It will help you to choose the right tools to suit your purpose and describes when and how to use them and what to do with the information collected.

It begins with a general discussion on the different research approaches and their usage. It also explores related issues such as participation, reliability, validity and bias, which have an impact on how you carry out the research and the quality of the information you get from it.


The tools include:

  • Process Reference Sheets (PRS), which provide instruction on how to use specific processes when working with data.
  • Research Reference Sheets (RRS), which guide you through the implementation of the different investigative tools.
  • Methods Reference Sheets (MRS), which outline the different strategies and techniques for working with communities during meetings and workshops.

Usage: Guideline for implementation

Audience: National Society staff and volunteers

For the other series of VCA guides:


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