This document is designed to facilitate gender capacity assessments of organisations. Assessments are undertaken in four main categories: aspirations; organisational skills; organisational systems and infrastructure; and organisational programme capacity. For each category an organisation is expected to tick the statement that best describes it (clear need for increased capacity; basic level of capacity in place; moderate level of capacity in place; and high level of capacity in place) and its action plan (what, who, when).


  • Aspirations: Organisational mandate; and policy
  • Organisational Skills: Strategic and periodic planning; financial planning / budgeting; publicity and promotion; coordination; and gender knowledge and skills
  • Organisational systems and infrastructure: programme and project planning; project and programme monitoring and evaluation; representation and recruitment; human resource management; and human resource development
  • Organisational programme capacity: participation and consultation; information, education and communication; and training and learning opportunities.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Monitoring and evaluation

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: Australian Red Cross.Gender Capacity Assessment Matrix. Australian Red Cross. Pp. 2-12.

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