This manual serves to equip the Canadian Red Cross team with the knowledge and tools to act as trainers for their partners and community-based organisations/associations/committees constituted as part of their programme.

The manual has six units which are to be treated as sessions. The lessons in each unit are sub-sessions, and where required each lesson is further divided into topics.


A trainer’s guide containing guidelines on how to deliver training can be found on p.6 of the document.

  • Unit 1 provides a broad overview of ageing at global and national levels and helps to get an insight into the need for mainstreaming age friendliness.
  • Unit 2 focuses on mobilising older people of the community.
  • Unit 3 lists a few means to understand the vulnerabilities of older people and also to tap into their capacities so that they can contribute to the overall welfare of the community.
  • Unit 4 provides a detailed overview of the different dynamics that affect older people in disasters.
  • Unit 5 focuses on the various dynamics associated with older women and older people with disabilities.
  • Unit 6 provides tools to assess age friendliness of a project, older people’s involvement in community based-organisations, capturing impact on older people, and tips to include older people in impact-monitoring and/or an evaluation process.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Training

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: Canadian Red Cross, HelpAge International. Integrating older people: A training of trainers manual for successful mainstreaming of age friendliness in Canadian Red Cross’ programme in Aceh, Indonesia. . Pp. 1-96.


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