This framework establishes a foundation on which all IFRC programmes, projects, interventions and actions, across the contexts, which contribute to strengthening communities, can be created, developed and sustained.


Key elements of the Framework for Community Resilience are:

  • Assisting communities as they adopt risk-informed, holistic approaches to address their underlying vulnerabilities;
  • A demand-driven, people-centred approach;
  • Being connected to communities by being available to everyone, everywhere, to prevent and reduce human suffering.

Three key elements for promoting community resilience are:

  • Measuring the various characteristics that comprise community resilience;
  • Measuring IFRC’s impact on community resilience;
  • Measuring the incorporation and achievement of specific IFRC activities to supporting community resilience.

Usage: Policy guidance

Audiences: National Society leadership; Technical staff

For Fundamental Principles, click here Fundamental Principles, size 4 MB


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