This document provides direction to National Societies and the Federation to support the aims and enabling actions of the IFRC Strategy 2020 in relation to self-directed and interpersonal violence, including urban violence.


  • Part 1 of the document outlines the purpose, scope, and basis for the strategy.
  • Part 2 of the document discusses why violence is a great humanitarian challenge, describing its impact, categories of vulnerable people, root causes and the inter-relatedness of violence with other humanitarian challenges. It looks at the impact of violence on human, economic, and community development and at the root causes and social determinants of interpersonal and self-directed violence at the individual, family, community, and social/cultural levels.
  • Part 3 defines where the IFRC stands in terms of its statutory and operational framework and activities in the area of violence prevention, mitigation and response
  • Part 4 describes where the IFRC is going, through an overview of specific, measurable actions targeting each of the strategic aims and enabling actions of Strategy 2020.

Usage: Policy guidance

Audiences: National Society Leadership, Technical staff


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