The aim of this manual is to introduce the user to project/programme planning in a Red Cross / Red Crescent environment. It describes the different stages of the planning phase of the “project/programme cycle” within the context of Results- Based Management (RBM). It also gives an overview of the various components of RBM and explains how to integrate and apply this approach in practice.

In addition, the manual summarises the other key phases of the cycle (assessment, implementation and monitoring, evaluation) and provides references to the key IFRC manuals on these phases.


  • The RBM approach to project/programme management provides a clear and practical framework to help ensure that the guiding principles of the IFRC are incorporated into the design of an intervention.
  • The project/programme cycle model provides an appropriate set of methods, tools and principles to put the “results-based management” approach into practice in humanitarian and other interventions.
  • To ensure that a project/programme takes gender into consideration in its design, a gender checklist is provided on pp. 46-47.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: Technical staff

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