This ‘Participant Handbook’ is to help the course participants to follow the CBDRR Training Course. The handbook contains all the information that is needed by the participant to attend the training, conducted by the Myanmar Red Cross Society with the support of the various Partner National Societies. The course was designed at the end of 2013 as part of the project ‘Development of a Common CBDRR Framework for Myanmar Red Cross Society’. The CBDRR Training Course is based on the CBDRR Step-by-Step Methodology and its main goal is to teach MRCS Field Staff and MRCS RCVs to use the CBDRR Manual document which acts as a support document for the implementation of CBDRR programs in Myanmar.


-In Part A, the course curriculum is presented and the participants can find a detailed schedule of their training. Furthermore, any additional information that is required by the participants such as accommodation during the training, the exact location of the training etc. will be included in Part A.

-In Part B, each of the sessions will be discussed separately. Key questions that participants should be able to answer after each session are posed and the participants are invited to note down their answer to each of the questions during or after each session to increase the learning effect.

-In Part C, the supporting training documents will be presented.

Usage: Training document

Audience: Training participants, National Society’s staff and volunteers

The document is also available in Burmese/Myanmar language.

Myanmar Red Cross Society Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction series consists also of:


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