In October 2010, the VNRC started implementing a four-year project in two phases, supporting the socio-economic inclusion and employment for People with Disabilities (PwD) in six provinces of Vietnam. SRC provided technical and financial support. The overall objective of the project was to reduce the vulnerability of PwD in Vietnam.

This video looks at the types of support given to individuals, and the stages involved in the project.


  • The programme provided the opportunity for participants to be placed in various enterprises to receive training. In addition to the training for PwD, the VNRC and SRC provide capacity-building and training to enhance VNRC staff and company owners’ competences to successfully manage vocational training.
  • The stages of the project are: 1) market survey and baseline; 2) project dissemination; 3) participants’ selection; 4) job orientation; 5) vocational training; 6) pre-employment training; 7) working for a company or training on how to “Start Your Own Business (SYOB)”.
  • So far, more than 100 people living with disabilities in six provinces of Vietnam have been provided with vocational training, job mediation and support to bring them more into mainstream society.

Usage: Learning from experience, Training

Audiences: Technical staff

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNEdDj1_1lk

Limitation: The video is not in English

Reference: Viet Nam Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross. (2013). Integracion de Personas con Discapacidad en Vietnam (translated to ‘Qualified for Work, Resilient for Life‘). Duration: 20.29 minutes [Online] Available from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNEdDj1_1lk [Accessed: 24th September 2015].


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