Mar 2017 13-17 Regional Community Safety and Resilience  Forum TBC
Feb 2017 TBC Provincial level Dissemination on Disaster Law Cambodia
Jan 2017 4 Technical working group meeting to prepare for CSR Forum Bangkok
TBC Radio Training Lao PDR
TBC NDRT Training Lao PDR
TBC Peer-to-peer exchange visit of Lao Red Cross to Nepal Red Cross on radio programming and community engagement Nepal
TBC National Dissemination on Disaster Law Cambodia
Dec 1-2 PMI Disaster Management Meeting Indonesia
9-11 Public Awareness and Public Education (PAPE) Training Quy Nhon, Viet Nam
12-16 YABC Training Lao PDR
15-16 Orientation workshop for KAP Survey in Building Urban Resilience project Lao PDR
4-8 Youth in School Safety Facilitators Training Myanmar
27-28 Youth Empowerment Programme in Social Inclusion Lao PDR
14-16 Training on Gender-and Diversity-sensitive tools for DRR Lao PDR
TBC Regional Vector disease and Zika training for Mekong Cluster National Societies TBC
TBC Training on Gender and Diversity Cambodia
TBC City-level workshop for Public Awareness and Public Education workshop Philippines


Nov 2-5 Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) India
4 PMI  Flood Resilience Measurement Tool Workshop Indonesia
6 First Aid Training by Thai Red Cross for Burmese migrant domestic worker Bangkok
9-10 Media visit and interactive dialogue to promote Flood Resilience “Innovation Challenge” Indonesia
9-10 Meeting with ACDM (ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management) on Gender based Violence Indonesia
15-18 Table Top Exercise for Earthquake and Tsunami in Ambon Indonesia
17 5-year Anniversary of AHA Centre Jakarta, Indonesia
17-18 National workshop on Gender and Diversity Bogor, Indonesia
18-23 IFRC President’s Visit to Viet Nam and Lao PDR Viet Nam and Lao PDR
20 DREF Lessons Learnt Workshop Udomxay, Laos
21 One Billion Coalition for Resilience Coordination Meeting Indonesia
30 Launching of Partner for Resilience phase two, in this occasion DRR Law study will also be launched. Indonesia
TBC First Aid Training by PMI for journalists Indonesia
TBC Training of trainers for PRC staff on the Minimum Standard Commitments to gender and diversity in emergency programming Philippines
TBC Advanced training on gender and diversity CVTL
Oct 4 Building Urban Resilience Project Kick-Off Meeting Lao PDR
6-7 Capacity building training for partner implementing Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) –  IFRC financial management and logistics/procurement regulations Thailand
8-9 and 15-16 Gender and Diversity Training for Branch Staff by Malaysian Red Crescent Malaysia
9-14 Participation in ACDM related meetings Indonesia
12 Disaster Law Dissemination Workshop in Quang Nam Viet Nam
13 International Day for Disaster Reduction / ASEAN Day for Disaster Management Global / ASEAN
16 First Aid Training by Thai Red Cross for Thai domestic workers Bangkok
18-20 Regional Public Awareness and Pubic Education (PAPE) Workshop for Southeast Asia National Societies – Philippines
Sep 5-9 4th SEAYN Annual Meeting and Youth in School Safety Training Malaysia
10 World First Aid Day activities Online
15-16 School Based Risk Reduction Regional Lessons Learnt workshop Thailand
22 First Aid training for GRAB taxi drivers by Thai Red Cross and GRAB Thailand Thailand
21-23 3rd Asia-Pacific National Societies Disaster Management Conference Republic of Korea
26 Building Urban Resilience regional project will be launched in Laos Laos
26-28 Southeast Asia Red Cross Red Crescent Leadership Meeting Indonesia
26-29 (TBC) Radio Training with emphasis on community engagement Laos
26-30 National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) Training Laos
TBC Training on Gender-and Diversity-sensitive tools for DRR Laos
TBC Advanced training on gender and diversity with CVTL Timor-Leste
TBC Gender Talk Vietnam
TBC Gender and Diversity workshop Cambodia
Aug 1-5 Regional Southeast Asia Gender and Diversity Network refreshers training and meeting Malaysia
7-10 International Youth Day event (TBC) TBC
10-14 YABC Peer Educator Training Singapore
15-19 Field visit Philippines + Leader Talks as part of the AHA Centre Executive (ACE) Programme Philippines
15-16 VNRC National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) Refresher Training Vietnam
16-18 Disaster Law Training and Nepal/Philippines exchange Philippines
17 Pre-Disaster Meeting and Table Top Exercise Vietnam
17 Communication skills-building webinar ‘Twitter for Beginners’ Online
19 World Humanitarian Day Activities Philippines
22-26 Global Disaster Law meeting Geneva
31 Communication skills-building webinar ‘Digital Storytelling; Online
TBC Radio workshop and activity planning for community engagement Laos
July 4-5 Migration Task Force meeting Geneva
5 14th SEAYN meeting Online
11-15 YABC PE training Vietnam
12 Regional Southeast Asia Gender and Diversity Network teleconference Online
12 National Roundtable for Implementing Partners in Migration related programme Bangkok
TBC Development of country-specific tools on gender and diversity in DRR and resilience (Workshop 3) Lao PDR
24-26 Youth Leadership Camp Indonesia
TBC AP Finance meeting Kuala Lumpur
TBC NDRT refresher training with pre-disaster agreement/simulation Vietnam (TBC)
TBC Mekong Coordination Meeting TBC
June 14 Blood Donation Day Global
16 International Domestic Workers’ Day Thailand
20-24 YABC PE Training Vietnam
TBC Mekong Coordination Meeting TBC
TBC Peer to peer learning event on community engagement and accountability TBC
TBC Internal planning meeting TBC
May 2-6 Organisational self-assessment write shop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  3-5 Workshop on organizational self-assessment tool for Gender and Diversity Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8 International Red Cross Day Global
10 13th SEAYN meeting online
16-18 Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Gender and DRR Hanoi, Vietnam
22-28 Global BOCA Write-shop Malaysia
23-24 World Humanitarian Summit Istanbul, Turkey
24/25 IDRL consultation workshop Myanmar
23-27 RCRC Induction for AHA Centre Executive Programme Indonesia
30-3 Jun Development of country-specific tools on gender and diversity in DRR and resilience (Workshop 2) Lao PDR
TBC TOT on Climate Change mainstreaming into community-based programming Philippines
TBC PHAST – National Level ToT Myanmar
TBC Advocacy meeting – Kayin Myanmar
TBC MRCS SBRR National Lesson Learnt  Workshop Myanmar
TBC Second Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious dialogue Myanmar
TBC Technical meeting on the development of a communications policy Cambodia


April 1 12th SEAYN Meeting online
2-9 Training of facilitators on gender and diversity in DRR/Resilience Philippines
4-9 VNRC / DPRK RC exchange trip and workshop Pyongyang, DPRK
5-8 Climate Change training and workshop Lao PDR
5-8 Climate Change training Cambodia
5-8 Global gender and diversity advisors network meeting Geneva
11-15 Training of trainers on ECV Vietnam
11-16 Youth leadership training Philippines
15 APMN online teleconference online
19-23 YABC PE training Indonesia
23-27 RCRC Induction for AHA Centre Executive Programme Indonesia
26 RRI Steering Committee meeting Bangkok, Thailand
28-30 Migration meeting co-organised by APMN, IFRC and ICRC Malaysia
29 3rd AADMER Partnership Conference (APC) Semarang, Indonesia
TBC Consultation meeting with DM/DRR national stakeholders as part of the PRC Strategic Plan  2016 – 2021 Philippines
TBC Regional SEA gender and diversity network  teleconference online
March 7-11 TOT on Climate Change Myanmar
  9-11 Strategy meeting for gender and diversity-sensitive DRR tools development for Laos RC Vientiane, Lao PDR
10-11 Project kick-off meeting Rights for Burmese Domestic Migrant Workers Thailand
15-16 Project kick-off meeting  Expanding Safety Networks for Migrant Domestic Workers Thailand
17-18 Project kick-off meeting Reaching for Improved Access to Services and Employment Opportunities for Shan Migrant Domestic Workers in Northern Thailand Thailand
TBC Consultative meeting with Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women Bangkok
14-16 AP Social Media Summit S. Korea
14-18 Field testing of monitoring tools for HFMD and dengue fever Vietnam
16-20 YABC PE Training Singapore
21-25 Training of trainers on ECV Vietnam
22-25 Training on Climate Change Cambodia
TBC Mid-term meeting on VNRC contribution to HFA / ADDMER Work Plan as baseline for SFDRR Vietnam
23-25 Final workshop for the development of the Laos Red Cross Strategy for the Advancement for Women Lao PDR
TBC Climate change and DRR Training Vientiane, Lao PDR
TBC Partners coordination meeting (UN Women IOM, ILO, RCRC) Bangkok
TBC Refresher training on PHAST -BMC Cambodia
TBC Water week Cambodia and Myanmar
Feb 8-13 MRCS SBRR Field exchange Visit to PRC  Philippines
  9-10 Community Radio Program Workshop Lao PDR
  15 APMN  teleconference Online
  29 Regional SEA Gender and Diversity Network Teleconference Online
  21-28 YABC PE Training Philippines
  24-26 Gender and Diversity Workshop on Strategy for Advancement of Women (part 2) Lao PDR
  25-27 Climate Change Training Viet Nam
  TBC Consultation Workshop for DRR Law Project Indonesia
  TBC Consultative meeting with Ministry of Women Advancement Cambodia
  TBC Training on Climate Change Lao PDR
  TBC Lessons Learnt Workshop on School Safety Lao PDR
  12-19 Cartier Visits in Cambodia and Myanmar Cambodia/Myanmar
  20 Theory of Change –WASH workshop Myanmar
  20-22 Refresher training on PHAST – KTE Cambodia
  27-29 Advocacy Meeting – Kachin Myanmar
  29 – 4 Mar Training of Trainers on ECV Vietnam
Jan 22-26 TOT on Climate Change  Myanmar


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