Increased Access of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) Infrastructure in Cambodia supported by IFRC and Cartier Charitable Foundation
  • Southeast Asia Behavior Change Training: Risks, Attitude, Norms, Abilities and Self Regulation (RANAS) Approach

    8-9 November 2016 in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Kratie Province

Hygiene Promotion awareness and Education session for fecal transmission route and diseases | 19-21 Oct and 6-11 Nov 2016

Red Cross Volunteers conducted home visit and dissemination of information on fecal transmission route and diseases at Boseleav commune, Chitr Borei district.

The dissemination session contains:

  • F Diagram – Fecal transmission route and health hazards.
  • Barriers for fecal transmission route.
  • Suggested measures to prevent diseases at household and community levels.

Water Source Development

On 10 December 2016 a joint internal evaluation with support of IFRC –  National Headquater of the Cambodia Red Cross team and provincial stakeholder was conducted to see the progress and implementation modalities.

Construction of shallow tube well with hand pump facility in Boseleav Leav village, Chitr Borei commune in Kratie province was completed and benefited 92 households as of December 2016.

Construction of 3 shallow tube well with hand pump facility in the sub-village of Por  (Prek Taam village), Chitr Borei commune in Kratie province was completed in November and benefited overall 207 households (1053 people).

Village Cleaning Exercise

The village community participated for village cleaning exercise to prevent disease such as malaria, dengue, etc. in Prek Tatheoung village, Boseleau leav of Boseleav commune, Chitr Borei district.

Celebration of the World Toilet Day | 19 Nov 2016

The world toilet day and the global handwashing day were jointly celebrated on 17 -19 November 2016 consisting of: Rally to increase awareness in the community for sanitation and handwashing through rally and awareness-raising and practice of hand washing to children through local games.

Celebration of Global Hand Washing Day (GHWD) | 15 Oct 2016

GHWD days was celebrated at Prek Tatheoung village, Boseleau leav of Boseleav commune, Chitr Borei district with community.

Svang Rieng Province

Development of water sources:

As of December 2016, the development of water source for 2 villages have been identified, and one deep tube well drilling is completed and the second one is currently ongoing in the village.

  • Two boreholes of 300 m deep and 7 m suction head were completed in August 2016 in 2 target locations: at Koh Reusey Village, Toul Sdey Commune, and another one at Kork Teik Village, Chantrea Commune, Chantrea district.
  • Water quality of newly developed water source was tested, the water sample was taken from both sites and tested by the Provincial Rural Development Department. No sign of arsenic and e-coli was found.
  • Other optional WASH facilities construction was completed in October 2016 including 2 sets of plastic water tank contains 3,000 liters, placed in concrete platform and covered by zinc roof. The water facilities directly benefiting 447 households [1103 peoples] in 2 villages and later one school will be connected by water supply network. The WASH committee will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the water facilities.

A pond was constructed to collect rain water to be further fulfilling the domestics requirement of communities (as of November 2016)

Red Cross Volunteers (RCV) meeting was organized to discuss about program issues and achievement:

The following issues have been identified:

  • Accessibility of villages during the rainy season: the road is inaccessible.
  • Water sources construction was delayed due to rainy season.

Quarterly progress was discussed with RCV and staff of sub provincial branch. Recommendations, additional PHAST and hygiene promotion toolkits was provided to the volunteers.

Bantey Mean Chey Province

As of December 2016:

Household Sanitation:

  • 180 Household flush pour latrines had been constructed and operational. The households have also been briefed about operation and maintenance of the latrine structures. Some had also constructed hand washing facilities nearby latrines and understood the importance of handwashing at critical time.

Technical support for rain water harvesting:

  • Currently 110 households are supported to collect and store rain water for their drinking and other domestic use.

Hygiene promotion awareness and education session:

  • Hygiene promotion awareness session on personnel hygiene and benefits of latrine was disseminated to school children and communities at the targeted villages.

Water sources development:

  • 2 new water pond construction is ongoing and expected to be completed in December.

As of November 2016:

  • 151 Household started using the improved pour flush latrine and rest 29 are which was ongoing 20 are completed.
  • Hygiene promotion sessions on use of latrine and operation and maintenance are conducted for households.
  • Celebration of GHWD was conducted in 9 targeted villages


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