This document looks at the rationale for the establishment of a National Disaster Response Team (NDRT), its organisational structure, the responsibilities of the NDRT and relevant agencies, and the necessary conditions for successful NDRT operation.


  • The NDRT was established by the Vietnam Red Cross (VNRC) under the direction of the VNRC Standing Committee and in cooperation with other technical departments. The function of the NDRT is to provide advice to the VNRC Standing Committee about disaster response and to provide technical assistance to disaster affected provincial chapters.
  • Main responsibilities of the NDRT include: assessment of damages and needs; areas of intervention, identification of beneficiaries, and support in relief distribution; and monitoring and evaluation of implemented activities.
  • Specific responsibilities of the NDRT and relevant agencies such as the: VNRC Standing Committee and technical departments; NDRT Team Leader and Standing Deputy Team Leader; NDRT members; and provincial chapters can be found on pp. 8-10.
  • Necessary conditions for a successful NDRT operation include: equipment; security and safety; and management of NDRT performance.

Usage: Policy guidance; Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: National Society leadership; Technical staff

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Citation: Vietnam Red Cross (January 2012). Standard Operating Protocol National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) (pp. 1-32).

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