This guidance note looks at the causes, risks and impacts of gender-based violence during emergencies. It offers suggestions for how Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies might plan for gender-based violence in emergency response.


Programmes that include gender respond better to the different needs and experiences of men and women. They also acknowledge the issues and structures that can result in women being disadvantaged and disempowered.

It is the programme coordinator and/or team leader’s responsibility to report on and plan for gender-sensitive strategies and to develop an understanding of gender-based violence. Gender mainstreaming responsibilities should be included in the position descriptions of all team members.

Suggestions for including gender-based violence considerations into emergency response include: 1) do a gender analysis; 2) respond to gender-based violence in emergencies; and 3) include gender and violence prevention in recovery.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: Technical staff, volunteers, communications staff, National Society leadership

Reference: Australian Red Cross (March 2013). Responding to gender-based violence in emergencies. Guidance note. Pp.1-8. Available from:http://www.redcross.org.au/files/Gender-based_violence_in_emergencies_guidance_note.pdf  [Accessed: 19th September 2015].

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