This plan of action outlines the priorities and plans of IFRC in integrating climate change  issues into its programmes, policies and operations. The IFRC Plan of Action aims to:

  1. provide a clear vision on the IFRC key priorities for building community resilience to climate change;
  2. identify key objectives and activities needed for scaling up work on climate change in the next 5 years; and
  3. provide an overall framework to increase coordination and knowledge sharing within IFRC.


Key priorities for IFRC work on climate change in the coming years will be:

  • Climate-proofing IFRC programmes and operations
  • Strengthening community preparedness and response capacities, with a specific focus on community-based early warning and monitoring systems
  • Scaling up public education and awareness activities on disaster risk reduction and climate change to build capacities at both NSs and community levels
  • Increasing engagement with national level planning, in particular with reference to the NAP process, and ensure that information collected through VCAs (Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments) are fed into national/local planning
  • Promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and rehabilitation of the environment to increase resilience of livelihoods to shocks and reduce risk.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: National Society Leadership, Technical staff, Communication staff

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