This information pack comprises three sections:

Section 1 consists of four sets of slides. The slides set out key points for the reader, and accompanying commentaries expand on these points and provide links to materials available in Sections 2 and 3.

Section 2 includes reading materials, handouts and worksheets on issues raised in the slides.

Section 3 includes internet links and other resources on related issues. Full size slides, which can be used for presentations, are in the back of the manual.


The slides and resources cover:

  • the purpose of gender analysis;
  • the information and actions needed to link gender analysis with policy and planning;
  • key concepts and tools for social and gender analysis;
  • men and masculinity.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Training

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: UNDP (January 2011). Gender in Development Programme: Learning and Information Pack. Pp.1-134. Available from: http://www.undp.org/content/dam/undp/library/gender/Institutional%20Development/TLGEN1.6%20UNDP%20GenderAnalysis%20toolkit.pdf [Accessed: 21st September 2016]






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Author: UNDP
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Resource type: Guidelines, Report, Research

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