This is a story of four women who lived through cyclone Sidr which hit the southern part of Bangladesh on November 15, 2007. It is the story of their vulnerability, their loss and survival.


  • When warnings of the cyclone were announced some people did not hear them because they did not have access to radios or mobile phones. Some refused to believe that there would be a cyclone.
  • The women lost a lot from the cyclone; their children and their houses and property. They faced many challenges, including finding shelter and food for themselves and their families. When they did find a shelter, it was overcrowded and this too presented certain challenges.
  • With great resilience, these women have been able to rebuild their lives. Many of the challenges they and women like them face are being tackled by the government, the World Bank and local NGOs. A few courses on women’s specific needs during disasters have been held in some high-risk coastal regions.
  • Training is just one part of disaster preparedness. From improving transportation to shelters, and developing their infrastructure and management, a wide range of women’s needs must be addressed. Until they are, the future remains uncertain.

Usage: Learning from experience, Training

Audiences: Technical staff; Volunteers

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