This paper provides an overview of the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Preparedness Initiative (KVEPI) implemented by the Nepal Red Cross Society from September 2003 – June 2005. It looks at the successes of the programme, its challenges, the lessons learned and the way forward.


  • The programme covered ten wards from three districts of the Kathmandu valley based on their susceptibility to earthquakes. A focus of the programme was to strengthen the disaster preparedness and response capacity of the communities at ward level, with special emphasis on women’s participation at all levels.
  • The objectives of this initiative were: to build the disaster management capacity of NRCS at the national, district and sub-chapter level; to build the disaster preparedness and response capability of communities through Red Cross staff; and to increase public awareness about earthquake safety and preparedness practices at ward level.
  • The training increased women’s knowledge of disaster preparedness and their understanding of earthquake risks and preparedness measures. It boosted the women’s confidence and reassured them that they could prepare their communities in case of earthquakes.

Usage: Learning from experience

Audiences: Technical staff, Volunteers


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