During 19-21 October 2017, the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VNRC) conducted the “Capacity Building in Resource Mobilization and Advocacy” in Hanoi, Vietnam.

There were 24 participants from VNRC headquarters communication, health, disaster management, and international relations department, out of which nearly 20 of them were from the northern and northern central Red Cross chapters.

The training was facilitated by the acting head, deputy director, and resource mobilization staff of the Communication and Resource Mobilization Department at the VNRC HQ, and a consultant from RMIT University in Hanoi, who had 10 years experience working with NGOs in communication and fundraising in Vietnam.

As Vietnam evolved from one of the poorest to a lower middle income country, there is greater need in and potential to mobilize resources from within the domestic market. Realizing this, in 2014, with support from the IFRC, the Swiss Red Cross, and Spanish Red Cross, VNRC conducted a market assessment on resource mobilization in Vietnam. The market assessment identified the corporate sector as one of the key sectors for resource mobilization for VNRC and emphasized the need to educate corporates about VNRC’s work as well as utilize storytelling to showcase the impact VNRC has in communities they work with.

Following the market assessment, VNRC conducted a training of trainers in resource mobilization and developed a resource mobilization manual for headquarters and chapter staff, which has been used for training of staff at various levels since then.

In 2017, VNRC communication and resource mobilization department indicated their interest in further developing their capacity in corporate fundraising, through the consolidation of the resource mobilization training manual, development of a donor package with emphasis on stories from the communities, and training for staff at headquarters and key chapters on corporate relations and corporate fundraising.

Supporting documents
Concept note
– Donor package
– Resource Mobilization training manual
– Presentations: NHẮN TIN GÂY QUỸ, Fundraising Activity ReportVận động Nguồn lựcVận động Nguồn lực (Day 2)Nội quy khóa học, and BAI QUẢN LÝ NHÀ TÀI TRỢ
– Participant list


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