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Asia Pacific Disaster Law Programme Participates in Oxfam Peer to Peer (P2P) Journey Learning Conference

The IFRC Disaster Law Programme participated in ASEAN-OXFAM’s P2P Journey Learning Conference last May 17-18 to share some of its experiences in peer learning activities, as part of its core function as a network of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Learning Conference is the culmination of the project’s mapping of DRM peer to peer platforms in ASEAN and a showcase of peer learning case studies implemented in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Peer learning activities fall under the AADMER (see AADMER Work Programme) Priority Programme 3 “Advance”, which ensures that “robust and accountable information sharing platforms and their interoperability across different tiers of government and communities, together with traditional and non- traditional platforms, will be in place.”

Oxfam had invited the IFRC Disaster Law Programme to present on the Regional Resilience Initiative (RRI), focusing on RRI’s disaster law component and how it has helped bring the voice of the community to the decision-making table. The presentation highlighted that the IFRC and Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been doing peer to peer learning activities for a long time as it is how the Movement is built – through our wide network in different countries. IFRC also facilitated group sessions to discuss the importance of law and policy in achieving resilience goals.

Read more about on this link (to ifrc.org)

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