The Trainer’s book provides instructions on how to train workshop participants in the community-based psychosocial support modules located in the Participant’s book. All seven modules in the Participant’s book can be used as a complete training programme on basic psychosocial support skills.



Content of the Community Based Psychosocial Support Manual: Participant Book

The Trainer’s book includes the following:

  • How to plan psychosocial support training gives suggestions for two different kinds of trainings (training of trainers and basic training) and lists issues to consider when planning the training in the context of a given National Society or Branch Office.
  • The learning process in a psychosocial context contains reflections on adult learning processes and points out issues that are specific for learning and supporting learning in a psychosocial context.
  • Preparing for a workshop in psychosocial support gives advice on how to prepare in advance, how to work with an interpreter and what practicalities to consider.
  • Conducting the workshop provides the trainer with tips about how to give a workshop a good start, how to manage different teaching methods (e.g. presentations, discussion with participants) and how to recap and evaluate on completion of the training.
  • Trainer’s book and PowerPoint presentations are the concrete teaching aids developed for each training module, which provide the trainer with learning objectives, suggestions for discussion topics and activities, as well as PowerPoint slides and speaker’s points to guide presentations. Handouts to be used during training sessions can be found after each module.
  • Training resources, a CR-ROM, contains Participant’s book, Trainer’s book, PowerPoints slides, a master PowerPoint (for you to create your own slides), Psychosocial interventions. A handbook and the PS Centre’s DVD, “Rebuilding Hope,” that can be used to introduce the theme of the training. Should you want to make an adapted version of the training material, please get in touch with the PS Centre.

Usage: Training

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers, Youth

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