Southeast Asia Red Cross/Red Crescent Pandemic and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Workshop | 17-20 November 2014 | Singapore

Southeast Asia Red Cross/Red Crescent Pandemic and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Workshop was organized on 17 – 20 November 2014 in Singapore.

Despite progress made in public health, the world today is still vulnerable to infectious diseases which know no national boundaries, unnecessarily killing people, overwhelming health systems and disrupting societal functioning; these have severe impact on poor communities and individuals who usually bear the brunt of these catastrophic events.

Southeast Asia is considered as one of the hotspots where new infectious diseases emerge. In addition, a number of countries continue to experience outbreaks of infectious diseases – such as acute diarrhoea, dengue or leptospirosis – as well as public health events compounding from natural disasters.

The Workshop brought together National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in the region, governments of ASEAN countries, and external partners (WHO, EU, ADB, and academic circles) in order to agree on a collaborative framework for preparedness and response to pandemics and public health emergencies.

Objectives of the workshop:

The Workshop brought together health, disaster management and relevant senior managers of Southeast Asia National Societies and relevant stakeholders in Southeast Asia to:

  • Enhanced knowledge of the participants on latest development on pandemic preparedness and emergency health within RCRC movement and strategy of relevant stakeholders.
  • Review the current status of global and regional preparedness, as well as that of National Societies,related to influenza pandemics and public health emergencies.
  • Agree  on a  framework  and outline for  a  contingency  plan  and standard  operating procedures (SOP)  that  guide  National  Societies  in Southeast  Asia in  responding  to influenza pandemics and public health emergencies, individually as a national organisation auxiliary to authorities and collectively as a humanitarian network in Southeast Asia
  • Agree on a plan of action for influenza pandemic and public health emergencies capacity strengthening  at National Society and  regional  levels, which are in line with plans and priorities of national authorities and regional bodies.


Administrative documents:


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