Staying on air to stay alert

Seven public service announcements about the work of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) have been broadcast consecutively. They contain various information about the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, health and disasters, all designed harmoniously with the culture of the land of Nanggroe, the alternative name for the province of Aceh.

Radio broadcasting was chosen as the media to convey messages as the people of Aceh are very familiar with radio broadcasting, given that it is easily accessible and in tune with people’s sense for entertainment. Thus, radio broadcasting was considered as a quick and cheap media messenger with a wide coverage.

With this concept in mind, PMI pioneered a radio program together with the Irish Red Cross in 2006 and named it Rumoh PMI Radio – meaning “PMI house”, in the sense of a common home. It was a means of spreading information during the rehabilitation and reconstruction period in Aceh, which was hit hard by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. For more, read this link.


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