The Checklist provides a prioritized and succinct list of ten key questions that lawmakers, implementing officials, and those supporting them need to consider in order to ensure that their laws provide the best support for DRR. It covers not only dedicated DRM laws but also other sectoral laws and regulations that are critical for building safety and resilience, as well as the environment, land and natural resource management.


Checklist on law and disaster risk reduction (pilot version) March 2015

Checklist on law and disaster risk reduction (pilot version) March 2015

The Checklist is designed to:

  • Serve as an assessment tool to guide a review process of national and local level laws and regulations that can enhance DRR;
  • Provide guidance on how to bring national legal frameworks in line with existing international standards, in particular, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

The Checklist also aims to foster a more integrated approach to disaster risk reduction by taking into account climate change and sustainable development considerations within the review of legislation.

Usage: Policy development

Audience: National Society Leadership, Technical staff


Document Data

Author: IFRC, UNDP
Publication date: March 1, 2015
Status: Final Type: PDF Size (MB): Size: 3
Country: Regional
Resource type: Checklist

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