This book is a compilation of stories on the initiatives and innovation of programs and services of PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), and the significant change that its services have brought about to the empowered beneficiaries, with the following stories:

  • Story 1: Proliferating the Spirit of Disaster Resilience through Social Media
  • Story 2: Developing School Based Disaster Preparedness
  • Story 3: The Cash Transfer Program that Inspired Hope in Sinabung
  • Story 4: CBAT’s Experience in Waste Management to Reap Benefits
  • Story 5: The Pioneer of Verticulture in the Dense Communities of Bengawan Solo
  • Story 6: Piloting a Cash-based Aid Model for Water via Mobile Wallet
  • Story 7: Making Money from Waste
  • Story 8: Evacuation Boats for Flooding Affected Communities
  • Story 9: First Aid Training by the Indonesian Red Cross
  • Story 10: WASH Changing the Fate of Thousands of Residents
  • Story 11: 20 Water Tanks for Batu Nampar Selatan Village
  • Story 12: Green Belt of Bengawan Solo
  • Story 13: Flood Prediction at Your Fingertips
  • Story 14: Providing Health Services for Migrant Workers in Nunukan
  • Story 15: CBAT Quick Response during the Sangihe Flash Flood
  • Story 16: Recovering Mangroves, Returning Lives
  • Story 17: Processing Local Food to Face an Emergency
  • Story 18: Firewood Efficient Cookstoves for NTT People
  • Story 19: Sorghum as Food Security for the Community
  • Story 20: Managing Floods with Biopores and Absorption Wells


The book is also available in Bahasa Indonesia version [pdf, 3 MB].



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