The document outlines standard operation procedure for Myanmar Red Cross staff and volunteers to follow in relief efforts for small scale disasters.


The document introduces operating procedures for what to do in natural disasters which strike frequently to small parts of villages: Where the numbers of people affected include several hundreds. An event which is manageable without seeking international support, but supported by an effective mobilization of local and national resources. Details include:

  • Introduction, principles, stakeholders, source of information, scope, coordination and assistance, reporting
  • Step by step procedure: Rapid Assessment, Targeting Beneficiary, Coordination
  • Time frame, monitoring and feedback
  • Payment model
  • Roles and Responsibility during and after disaster situation

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audience: Technical staff, Communication staff, Volunteers

Document Data

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Status: Final Type: PDF Size (MB): Size: 0.08
Country: Myanmar
Resource type: Guidelines

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