This document outlines the current situation regarding gender-based violence in Myanmar in the form of ‘frequently asked questions’.


How many cases of GBV have been reported in Rakhine and Kachin?

Because of the sensitivity of the issue, and the global pattern of survivors not disclosing their status because of the risks and dangers associated with reporting, there is very little numerical data available on GBV here in Myanmar. Global guidance on data collection and documentation of cases of GBV require that no data be collected if there are no services in place to respond to the issue and to safely meet the needs of victims and survivors.

How can GBV be effectively addressed if there are no numbers and data to share?

We have enough global expertise, and crucial lessons learned from other emergency settings, to know that if GBV is not addressed immediately, at onset of an emergency, the safety, security, health and well-being of women and girls is compromised in the longer term. It is also known that requesting numbers before there are services in place will provide an inaccurate picture of the issue.

We’ve heard that there have been reports of incidents involving armed actors and the military. How can we better understand and address this?

In order to effectively address the issue of perpetrator accountability, and to cultivate an environment in which women and girls can live free from violence, it is critical to ensure that it is safe for women and girls, and other survivors of gender-based violence, to access services, to report the incident without fear of further violence or repercussions and to access justice and legal support safely and effectively.

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Reference: Global Protection Cluster (2014). Myanmar Gender-based Violence (GBV). Frequently Asked Questions (pp. 1-2).

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