Purpose: Lao Red Cross has started its community based disaster preparedness (CBDP) since 2007 and it has been changed to community based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) in 2010. This program aims at building safer and more resilient community through reducing underlying factor of the vulnerability that disaster prone communities are facing and this will be done in different forms of interventions especially at community level in order to ensure that community are able to prepare for, response to, and reducing impact of disaster that may occur. In this context of community based intervention, the Red Cross Volunteer will play important role to support their community by linking coordination support from Lao Red Cross and other outsider to their respective communities before, during and after disaster.

Overview: Red Cross Volunteer is the backbone of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement as a whole – central to this, the Red Cross volunteer play key and crucial role in any Red Cross Red Crescent’s intervention to support the most vulnerable in the community especially disaster management, preparedness, response and risk reduction.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation.

Audience: Technical staff, Volunteers, Youth.


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