This sourcebook focuses on climate change adaptation (CCA) rather than mitigation. It focuses on the front end of the project cycle; specifically, proposal preparation for accessing climate change adaptation financing.

The sourcebook provides the reader with tools to help answer the question, “How do we best go about incorporating gender considerations into our CCA proposal?” and not, “Why should we incorporate gender considerations into our CCA proposal?” It contains case studies from Asia and the Pacific.


Section 6 of this sourcebook provides a summary checklist for addressing gender within typical CCA proposal sections, as well as summarising gender-related data needs and monitoring, and providing links to gender tools. This information is framed by the requirements and guidance available for six multilateral climate funds.

Section 7 summarises key gender analysis topics for climate-relevant sectors and recommends entry points and indicators. The sector modules covered are agriculture; forestry/watershed management; biodiversity conservation; coastal water resources and fisheries; water, sanitation and hygiene; health; energy; transport; and urban programmes.

Usage: Guidance for project implementation

Audiences: Technical staff; Gender and diversity practitioners

Reference: Diamond, N. K. (Dr.) & Lellement, D. (April 2014). An Online Sourcebook: Integrating Gender in Climate Change Adaptation Proposals.USAID Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation Facility for Asia and the Pacific. (USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific). Pp. 1-160. Available from:http://asiapacificadapt.net/gender-sourcebook/wp-content/themes/iges/pdf/integrating-gender-sourcebook.pdf [Accessed: 20th September 2015].

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