The healthy ageing module and toolkit include this guide, which is contained within the facilitator guide, gives an overview of the process and tools for volunteers working with community members on healthy ageing. The aim of the toolkit is to provide a guideline for healthy ageing volunteers to test evidence-based tools that support healthy and active ageing at the community level. The toolkit was developed with subject matter expertise in the life course approach, healthy ageing determinants and evidence-based behavior change theories.


The toolkit includes content about noncommunicable diseases, risk factors such as falls and social isolation, as well as tools which provide guidance and activities to help people pursue healthier lives and enable active ageing with dignity and a better quality of life. The content includes guide on how to use the module and toolkit with focus on the following topics:

  • Topic 1–Functional ability–life course
  • Topic 2–Assessment
  • Topic 3–Behaviour change
  • Topic 4–Preventing NCDs
  • Topic 5 –Preventing falls
  • Topic 6–Preventing social isolation
  • Topic 7–Healthy eating
  • Topic 8–Physical activity
  • Topic 9–Lifelong learning

 Guidance for project implementation, Training

Audience: Technical staff and volunteers

This guide is also available in Khmer/Cambodian version [pdf, 3.3 MB]


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