The healthy ageing module and toolkit include this guide, which is contained within the facilitator guide, gives an overview of the process and tools for facilitators teaching volunteers and for volunteers working with community members on healthy ageing. The getting started guide provides the intended learning objectives and outlines of session timing for ease of planning healthy ageing sessions.


The toolkit is intended to be used with the healthy ageing guides. The toolkit features full-colour imagery, interactive formats and games material to teach all audiences according to the methodology suggested in the guides. All materials can be printed in colour or black/white and are of high resolution for those National Societies wishing to enlarge and print posters and banners for other uses in their healthy ageing activities. While the materials are specifically tailored to an ageing audience, all materials can be adapted or taught as they are to any adult audience. The activities included allow volunteers and their community members to learn about what healthy ageing is and how to pursue a healthy life course. Community members can also explore the critical components for healthy ageing and assess their personal development along the various components on a regular basis. They can become familiar with, and comfortable in, identifying areas where they may need extra attention and support, as well as empowering themselves to eat more healthily and move more freely, helping to prevent NCDs, falls and social isolation and, in the process, becoming lifelong learners. These outcomes can be achieved with the highly interactive and learner-friendly tools included in this toolkit.

The content includes guide on how to use the module and toolkit with focus on the following topics both in English and in Cambodian/Khmer:


Usage: Guidance for project implementation, Training

Audience: Technical staff and volunteers

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