The brief details evaluation findings from the Disaster Preparedness for Safer Schools Project in Nepal conducted by American Red Cross and Nepal Red Cross Society.


Evaluation Findings [brief]/Recommendations:

  • Project design,
  • sensitizing school headmasters,
  • collaboration (with local government),
  • engaging school management committees,
  • child-to-child approach,
  • child-to-adult approach,
  • training design,
  • household disaster preparedness plan,
  • disaster learning centres,
  • vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) / Disaster preparedness plan,
  • drills,
  • evacuation map,
  • DRR mainstreaming,
  • IEC materials and utilization,
  • monitoring and evaluation,
  • WASH activites,
  • exposure trips,
  • staff capacities
  • gender

Usage: Guidance for implementation

Audience: National Society school safety practitioners


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